True Customization. And Love for iOS 10.

This is Suave7 - the Successor of Suave created by Thyraz and later ported to iOS 4 by D4RKL0RD198 and named Suave HD.

iOS 7 was a huge Step for the System itself, because many Icons were changed, so there was a hard Work to update the Theme again. In the beginning of 2013 the major Base of the Community behind Suave lost their Home of Creativity : The MacThemes-Forum went down and so many Themes like Suave were no more updated by a wide Range of Designers.

So we're updating Suave since 2013 for the next big Steps in the History of iOS.

Features :

  • 66 beautiful designed Icons
  • 3.390 handcrafted Images

We hope you love the new Suave7.

- Update 2009 ( September 2020 ) -

- General -
  • Updated "control"-File, for Use with new Repo-System …

Updated1st September 2020
DependenciesSuave7 Icons & UI ( Apps )
Suave7 Icons & UI ( Tweaks )
Supported iOS

10.1.x - 10.3.x

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