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True Customization. And Love for Autosport.

It’s all about the Teams, the Rivals and the Race in an intense new World of Professional Motorsport. Racing alongside a Teammate, you must overcome Key Rivals and satisfy Team Sponsors in ferocious Races where every Pass and Position counts. In a huge Career, specialise in your favourite Racing Discipline or conquer them all feel the Aggression of the Pack in Touring Cars, manage Tyre Wear and Race into the Night in Endurance Events, race Open-Wheel Cars with Precision, show Car Control in Tuner Events and react on the fly in Street Races. Each unique Category features Series dedicated to different Classes, including Touring Cars, Hypercars, Endurance GT Cars, Prototypes, Single-Seaters, Super Modified Vehicles, Drift Cars and many more. Bursting with Content, GRID Autosport features over 100 Routes across 22 incredible Locations and the World’s most exciting contemporary and classic high-performance Racing Cars to collect, tune and upgrade.

Originally the Game comes with a Graphics Set, which is a Compromise between Quality and Battery Life. But we love Quality and so we've tweaked the Settings for more Quality. Now it's highly recommended to have a Power Socket close to you, if you're playing a full Race.

We hope you love the new GRID™ Autosport Experience.

Before you start playing GRID™ Autosport, you should follow these Steps to prevent Overheating of your iDevice and excessive Battery Usage :

  • Don't play in overheated Rooms, Cars or Saunas …
  • Remove all Bumbers and ( Battery ) Cases …
  • Connect your iDevice to a Wall Charger …

While it's possible playing with a mobile Power Pack, we recommend you to enjoy the unleashed GRID™ Autosport Experience at Home, close to a Wall Charger, so your mobile Power Pack will live longer.

Important  : If you expierence any Problems with the latest Version, try to downgrade to Version 2009 !

- Update 2102 ( February 2021 ) -

- General -
  • Better Support for future Versions …

Updated3rd February 2021
Repo-DependenciesAvalon Studios ( Core ) or
Avalon Studios ( Beta Core )
Modified Apps( $9.99 ) GRID™ Autosport
Supported Devices

iPhone SE ( 2016 & 2020 )

iPhone 6S ( Plus )

iPhone 7 ( Plus )

iPhone 8 ( Plus )

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone XS ( Max )

iPhone 11 ( Pro | Max )

iPhone 12 ( Mini | Pro | Max )

iPad 5

iPad 6

iPad 7

iPad 8

iPad Air 3

iPad Air 4

iPad Mini 5

iPad Pro 9.7"

iPad Pro 10.5"

iPad Pro 11" ( 1st & 2nd Gen. )

iPad Pro 12.9" ( 1st - 4th Gen. )

iPod Touch ( 7th Gen. )

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