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True Customization. And Love for Formula 1.

F1 2016 is a stunning mobile Racing Game that puts Players into the Race Seat of their FORMULA ONE™ Heroes in a full Season, Single Race and Time Trial on any of the 21 official Circuits from the 2016 Season.

Originally the Game comes with a Graphics Set, which is a Compromise between Quality and Battery Life. But we love Quality and so we've tweaked the Settings for more Quality. Now it's highly recommended to have a Power Socket close to you, if you're playing a full Race.

We hope you love the new Formula One Experience.

Before you start playing F1 2016, you should follow these Steps to prevent Overheating of your iDevice and excessive Battery Usage :

  • Don't play in overheated Rooms, Cars or Saunas …
  • Remove all Bumbers and ( Battery ) Cases …
  • Connect your iDevice to a Wall Charger …

While it's possible playing with a mobile Power Pack, we recommend you to enjoy the unleashed Formula One Experience at Home, close to a Wall Charger, so your mobile Power Pack will live longer.

- Update 1912 ( December 2019 ) -

- General -
  • Improved Code-Design, nothing important …
Updated 3rd December 2019
License Free Package
Modified Apps F1 2016
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Supported Devices

Apple TV

iPhone SE

iPhone 6S ( Plus )

iPhone 7 ( Plus )

iPhone 8 ( Plus )

iPhone X

iPad 5

iPad 6

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