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With the Years, it becomes harder to find some old Jailbreak-Tools. We would like to give you the Ability to get these Tools from our Jailbreak-Center. Simply select your iDevice and the Firmware and enjoy it …


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Have Patience - sometimes you need multiple Tries to get it work.

Introducing Suave7

True Customization. True Love for iOS. Completely redesigned for iOS 7 to iOS 12. 309 themed Stock-Bundles. More than 590 themed Apps. Over 100 themed Tweaks. Full of Images that will change your iOS Experience and bring you a true skeuomorphic User Interface. Suave7 is with Love designed for You.

iOS 7 was a huge Step in the History of iOS. So many Icons were changed and the Design went from a skeuomorphic to a minimalistic Concept. Suave7 brings the good old Design Language back - with focusing on the Icons we all love and fixing some Bugs they were produced by Apple. But there's one Thing - not more Thing - only a Thing : After the Shutdown of MacThemes the Community, who maintained Suave was split and so we're updating it every Month again … again … and again.

From the beginning Suave was more than a simple Theme. Suave goes deeper than other Themes. Changes more Images and Icons. This is one Thing - sorry more Thing - what makes Suave so lovely.

We've updated Suave7 with some great new Features : Full App-Themes, use of auto-layouted Images where it's possible and support for modern Theming-Platforms, like “Anemone” created by CoolStar, “iThemer” from DODGraphics and “Snowboard” developed by Spark.

Shared for Designers

Developers and Designers produce awesome Tweaks and create beautiful Themes to let you achieve a really better iOS-Experience. We're going a Step further : We share Suave7 and our Tweaks with you, so you can help us to create the best iOS we've ever seen.

Suave7 isn't a Theme, it's an iOS Overhaul. Since the Release of Suave Classic for iPhone 3G, the Redesign with Suave HD for iPhone 4 and - last but not least - Suave7 for iOS 7, we've changed so many Icons and UI-Images. There are a lot of Images and we would like to share them with you. The Theme Developer Kit contains nearly 5.550 Icons, over 370 Photoshop-Templates and 100 Pixelmator-Documents. With this Package you can customize every App from the App Store.

Suave7 is not the only Project we would like to share with you : “NewsOfTheWorld” is a Tweak, which enables Apple News for all Regions and localizes them in any Language supported by iOS.

Jailbreaking is our Life

We love Cydia and Zebra. With this small Web-App, we would like to give you the Ability to jailbreak your iPod, iPhone or iPad from your Browser. We've created a new Version of the popular JailbreakMe, based on the Work by qwertyoruiopz and the Pangu Team.

If you're interested in amazing Tweaks and a really cool new Way to explore Packages just add our Repo with the Button above. If you have a bit Luck you can also see our “One more Thing”  …

Created with 

“There’s lots of Ways to be as a Person, and some People express their deep Appreciation in different Ways, but one of the Ways that I believe People express their Appreciation to the Rest of Humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there.”
- Steve Jobs -

I believe, in the Act of making something with a great Deal of Care and Love, something is transmitted there. There are thousands of Hours, which I'd spend during the Creation of Suave7, with a lot of “No's” for every “Yes”. With this great Deal of Care of Love, I hope you will love Suave7, the Theme Developer Kit and my Tweaks too, and have the Courage not copying or pirating them.

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I will never ask you for a Donation and every single Package will be free - in the Past and also in the Future .